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NEW COLORS! EXALCO considering the market trends and the new demands of the end consumer,  enrich BOND color pallet with  with 3 new colors.

Black, grey-blue and grey-brown are the protagonists of this series.

The new colors are available in the market and deserve to say for one more time that EXALCO BOND it’s a product certified for building structures.

Съжаляваме, този запис не е достъп на български.

EXALCO presents the new railing system from aluminum, the EXALCO EXRAIL SYSTEM.

It’s an innovative system in the market MadeInExalco which is available with mounted accessories to the uprights and it’s giving high quality to the system, reducing the construction delivery and reduce of the treatment cost of the materials.

For the people who wants the perfection! Through a wide range of accessories gives the finesse and taste through its accessories, which can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding client.  The effect of accessories on the performance of windows and doors is significan. Especially, air-permeability and water-tightness are drastically infuenced by accessories and gaskets to be used.

EXALCO provides a wide ranges in corners, rollers, gaskets, plastic caps, cremone bolts, etc.

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